Living in the Baltic Sea

Art for a Reason

Louise Nicolin

aving watched Living in the Baltic Sea grow and take form over the years, made the role as Business Advisor come naturally.
Louise has worked as an Entrepreneur and Technical Consultant for more than a decade now. She has held various positions within fields such as Marketing, Sales, Business Development, Quality Assurance, Human Resources and Project Management. Being the founder and owner of her own company since many years, she has encountered both challenges and rewards that has contributed to her being a competent and reliable Advisor for Living in the Baltic Sea.


I am more than willing to do what I can to help improve the health of the Baltic Sea. The Baltic Sea plays an important role in my childhood memories as well as today, when sailing, fishing and living by the Sea remains the best way to relax and interact with nature for me and my family.
- Louise Nicolin

Pebbles © 2009, oil on canvas 71 x 75 cm