Living in the Baltic Sea

Art for a Reason

The Artist - Charlotte Nicolin

"I have never liked the taste of fish but I have always loved observing them, I can do that for hours.”

We let this one go.... 2009
Fish in freedom 2009
The Artist preparing a dive 2009
The Baltic Sea Archipelago 2009

Childhood years

As a young child Charlotte Nicolin spent a lot of time alone in the nature observing the vegetation, the animals big and small, details such as shapes, smells and colors around her. This is exactly what transpires through her artwork today. In her family fishing, sailing and boating were frequent activities not only during the summer but all year long. This was the beginning of a long lasting relationship to the sea and the life in it.

Starting out

Nicolin always wanted to be a painter but she thought it would be too difficult to earn a living as a fine artist. Instead she studied and got a diploma in Graphic Design and Art History. She was painting on the side at first, after some time she got enough recognition to devote herself to the artistic expression. From 1984 on art agents Adler & Berick represented her, which transformed her to an established Artist. Her expression got more sophisticated and her goals more focused.

From an emerging to an established Artist

She started out as a naive young girl with an appetite to live, learn and travel. Without connections within the field of fine art or marketing and no experience on how to survive as an artist, she became her own teacher. Nicolin has lived and worked in several different countries, which taught her to adapt quickly to new situations. Every move would add a little something to her art as well. She has worked as a graphic designer, illustrator, teacher, translator, painter, sculptor, furniture designer and entrepreneur. Taking risks and persist in the face of adversity was her way to continue her desire to create.


1998 she co-founded Nicolin & Gublin, a Gallery, Boutique and Distribution Center entirely devoted to her art and products bearing her images, in Montréal, Canada. The immediate attention received from the public and media gave her a push to continue her passion to paint and the certainty that there is a place for her art in the world. The overwhelming success made it possible for her to get more and more involved with non-profitable environmental issues, which brought her back to the nature in a new way.

Combining her art with the acquired knowledge of marketing, business and her adaptability to new cultures and situations would lead her to her ultimate goal. The decision to use her experience as a tool to be of service to the environment came naturally. Her positive attitude towards life, its difficulties and her inexhaustible energy continues to give her art the magical touch that we are so attracted to.

Today Nicolin has her base in Paris, France and she devotes all her time and energy to Living in the Baltic Sea.

"Sture" the first fish painting, created from a dream © 1991
Private collection
The Artist's studio in Paris 2009
Gallery/Boutique Nicolin & Gublin
© 2005
Nicolin & Gublin Distribution center in Old Montreal, Canada 2010
Nicolin 2009
“If I thrive for excellence at all times, I might end up
accomplishing something good.”