Living in the Baltic Sea

Art for a Reason

About Us

"We aim to inform, the not yet informed, inspire the active and give hope to the disillusioned"

Our Mission:
  • To raise more awareness to existing problems in the Baltic Sea.
  • Visually show the wildlife in and around the Sea to further incite an interest to protect it.
  • Informing children and the public in general of facts on local species and personalize individual life forms to give a better appreciation and consideration for them.
  • Spread information on Marine Protected Areas.
  • Inspire people to take action.
  • Keep a strong presence in the media.
  • Collaboration with other environmental organizations.
  • Distribute our products and images to emphasize the wildlife in the world through an everyday presence in our lives.

Our Team, working closely with the Artist is seeking and is always open to collaborating with like minded External Partners.
Living in the Baltic Sea was founded in 2009, preceded by 2 years of preparatory work and planning.