Living in the Baltic Sea

Art for a Reason

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hristinas endless energy and ingenuity is the backbone of our presence on the web.
Christina was born and raised in Sweden. She started her professional career as a dentist. She has worked as a dentist and and as a scientific adviser in Sweden, Switzerland and France. 1995 her interest in web design and graphic design grew and subsequently turned in to a passion. Christina has created (2007) and (2009) and is running the updates and marketing for these sites. She has created numerous other sites and worked with layout and graphic design for advertising agencies and magazines. In 2012 she co-founded the magazine Tête à tête, a printed magazine released 5 times a year, about France and the French culture in Swedish. Her endless energy and expertise is a great support to our team. Christina is based in Paris, France since 1992.

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Being Swedish and having nature as an important part of my life, the Baltic Sea is something I care about.
- Christina Gourlaouen