Living in the Baltic Sea

Art for a Reason

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An artist and a business woman with a burning desire to do something more for the environment and the coming generations.
Photo: Hamid Touah
Charlotte was born and raised in Sweden where she received a solid education in art and design. In 1982 she moved on to study and work in Denmark, Germany, France, USA and Canada and has over time gained international recognition for her creations, her work having been regularly exhibited and sold for years.

In 1998 she co-founded Nicolin & Gublin, a gallery and exclusive boutique in Montreal, Canada, fully devoted to her fine art and gift items bearing her images. The company has worldwide distribution to end customers and retailers with an established clientele in Canada, the USA and the Caribbean.

Having worked with different associations dealing with biodiversity, Charlotte finally decided, after many years of planning, to create her own organization, Living in the Baltic Sea. Her personal attachment to the Baltic Sea and its inhabitants made it a natural choice for her environmental involvement. Appreciating the impact her paintings have with the public, she knew her images would be the ideal medium to show the wondrous world in and around the Baltic Sea. She has made it her mission to inspire and inform all those living in the neighboring countries to better value and care for their northern Sea with its beauty and multitude of life, unknown to many.

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I have a recurring dream; a clean Baltic Sea full of diverse life forms for our grand children to enjoy.
- Charlotte Nicolin

Baltic Sea © Nicolin